Industry Expertise

V-Xpress is an expert on logistics solutions for various industries.
We help our customer to achieve shorter turnaround times, instant product upgrades
and changes, change in policies and consumer demands.

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Industry Expertise

Engineering Goods

Engineering companies today face challenges of product upgrades, new designs, latest technologies, and a highly involved consumer. Trust us to deliver these components with efficiency to optimize your supply chain management.

  • Speedy & accurate deliveries of your shipment.
  • National presence with multi modal services.
  • Reduced transit times with support of technology and infrastructure.
  • Reduced inventory levels with On Time deliveries.
  • Faster and reliable post sales services to achieve customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Services in tune with your manufacturing priorities.

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V-Xpress is associated with Optilab since roughly 8-10 years. Other than committed ontime delivery, V-Xpress's helped in saving 20 -- 25 % on Optilab transportation cost.
Mr. Bhavya Desai, Co-Partner

Mr. Bhavya Desai, Co-Partner

Corroshield Fasteners are present in the market for the last 15 years. Nowadays, we are giving all major PEBs in this industry. We are using V-Xpress for nearly 60 to 70 % for our transportation. Whenever we want special service, they are ready to co-operate and they are ready to give us.
Mr. P. R. Venugopal, General Manager

Mr. P. R. Venugopal, General Manager