Industry Expertise

V-Xpress is an expert on logistics solutions for various industries.
We help our customer to achieve shorter turnaround times, instant product upgrades
and changes, change in policies and consumer demands.

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Industry Expertise

Textile & Garments

Textile & Garments industry is in-demand and rapidly growing with focus on manufacturing value-added finalized products. V-Xpress are expert partners for a in-demand and challenging industry with our national presence, multi-modal logistics services, upgraded technology and infrastructure.

  • Speedy & accurate deliveries of your shipment.
  • National presence with multi modal services.
  • Reduced transit times with support of technology and infrastructure.
  • Reduced inventory levels with On Time deliveries.
  • Faster and reliable post sales services to achieve customer and partner satisfaction.
  • Services in tune with your manufacturing priorities.

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In readymade garments, everyday matters a lot because there is a huge seasonality in garments market. So timely supplies and timely deliverance is the biggest benefit "Keep in Touch Clothing" got from V-Xpress.
Mr. Akash Joshi, Director

Mr. Akash Joshi, Director

Keep in Touch Clothing India
Birla Cellulose considers V-Xpress as a Preferred Logistics partner because of committed on time delivery of the product , on spot and to the customer exactly as per their requirement.
Mr. Sanjib Chaterjee, DGM- Customer Commercial Services

Mr. Sanjib Chaterjee, DGM- Customer Commercial Services

Birla Cellulose
You can say that our business has grown by 100% in the last 2 years and a part of the credit for that goes to the V-Xpress.After dealing with V-Xpress, our cost-saving has been around 3-4%
Mr. D. Gaurav Kumar, Manager- Merchandising and Marketing

Mr. D. Gaurav Kumar, Manager- Merchandising and Marketing

KTF Fashion
Ever since V-Xpress started associating with us, the journey has been very, very smooth.I would say that they are one of the responsible people for us to gain the image in the market as on-time suppliers. After associating with V-Xpress, definitely we see a 5 to 7% cost benefit vis-à-vis the other transporters.One difference me and my team could really see is that the personalized service that V-Xpress gives makes us associated with them for the last so many years.
Mr. K. Gopala Rao, Vice President- Marketing

Mr. K. Gopala Rao, Vice President- Marketing

GTN Industries
V- Xpress has been instrumental in delivering the product sampling consignments on time across India. V-Xpress handles 70-80% of our logistics. Specially, in the technical aspect they are very strong. They give us reports on time.
Mr. Achal Jain, Director

Mr. Achal Jain, Director

Bafna Clothing Company
Association with V-Xpress had benefited Welco Agencies in the following ways 1) competitive rates 2) Detailed MIS Reports 3) On time - Safe and Reliable deliveries
Mr. Prem Chand, Manager – Sales

Mr. Prem Chand, Manager – Sales

Welco Agencies
Today, all over India we are only using V-Xpress who have provided us with Single Window Answering for online tracking, consignment status and other details We have saved a lot of time due to that. We used to co-ordinate and follow up with different people about our consignment status which used to cause a lot of hassle That has been solved after V-Xpress came into picture.
Mr. Dinesh Yadav, Manager- Logistics

Mr. Dinesh Yadav, Manager- Logistics

Hush India