• Pan-India Network
    National Presence

    our prominent presence across India with 300+ branches,
    1 lakh locations, 22 states
    with 300+ branches and 4 union territories.

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  • Multi Modal Logistics Services

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    Logistics Services

    Ship On Time and cost effectively with Road, Air and Rail.

    Safe & Reliable

    Safe &

    Delivery with extra care of your shipment.

    Real Time Tracking

    Time Tracking

    Instant update & tracking of your shipment within few clicks.

  • Just put it in The Box.
    Despatch Small Consignments With Speed,
    Efficient Costs and Control.

    Pressnting Box-N-Ship service that is a boon for shipment of househild,
    Students, MSME and eCommerce goods. just call us and your precious cargo
    will reach your destination safely and on-time.

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Core values

One-stop logistics service provider for many industries. Grow your business with our nationwide network, On Time commitment, real-time tracking, e-billing & skilled customer service platform.



We deliver your cargo in time and with care. We provide support through our tracking services and customer
support channels to ensure you know where your package is at any time of the day!



Our technology platform gives you updated information via SMS & email. We also share instant proof of delivery (POD) with our clients through the mobile to ensure that you are satisfied of delivery. This especially helps for cargo/ parcels of high importance.



Our people are committed, loyal, skilled to deal with logistic of your industry. They work tirelessly to deliver your cargo safely to the destination. Their focus is superior customer service.

National Presence

National Presence

A widespread network across India to cater to growing industries. Branches that function 24 hours collecting &
delivering cargo with speed & accuracy.



Modern logistics infrastructure with updated technology connecting customer and cargo, national presence with skilled workforce, & owned/ attached fleet to deliver cargo with speed and accuracy.

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Corporate clients


Times award winning company

Time award
winning company

e-commerce to Xpress

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Taking e-commerce to Xpress


My margins have grown 5 to 10%, my Logistics cost which has gone down to 0.5%. If we see the fill rate of these regional DCs, earlier the fill rate was Approx. 75 to 76%. Now, of course with the timely delivery with the help of V-Xpress It has really helped to boost the fill rate to 85% or in some places it has reached up to 86 to 88%.
Mr. Tarun Narula, Senior Manager
Apollo Pharmacy
Mr. Tarun Narula, Senior Manager
When we started with V-Xpress, we only kept one condition that the service level has to be above 90%. They have been meeting the serivce level almost every time The best part about V-Xpress was the Feedback system, the MIS. Those were coming, are coming very regularly.
Mr. V. V. Benugopal, General Manager
Mahindra Logistics
Mr. V. V. Benugopal, General Manager
V-Xpress stands out probably for the Customer oriented approach. Definitely, we have seen them doing a very good job in terms of Providing the vehicles on time, reaching the products on time and things like that.
Mr. VVS Mani, Director- Operations
UNIBIC Biscuits India Pvt.
Mr. VVS Mani, Director- Operations
V- Xpress has been instrumental in delivering the product sampling consignments on time across India. V-Xpress handles 70-80% of our logistics. Specially, in the technical aspect they are very strong. They give us reports on time.
Mr. Achal Jain, Director
Bafna Clothing Company
Mr. Achal Jain, Director

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